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Not In Our Name is a pro-peace album of music and poetry, an extraordinary collaboration of diverse song writers and poets, singers and actors who came together as members of the Facebook page Impeach Tony Blair with a passionate theme to their work – a desire to give a voice to the hundreds of thousands of child victims of Tony Blair's illegal war in Iraq, and to send Tony Blair to the Hague (and hopefully George Bush and Dick Cheney too!).
The talented musicians and singers have all contributed their work free of charge and proceeds from sales will go to victims of the Iraq war.
In 2015, Caroline Kennedy, the founder of the Impeach Tony Blair Facebook page, came up with the idea for a CD to raise awareness, fight for justice for Iraq and raise funds for Iraqi war victims. Soon the poems and songs came rolling in and the Not In Our Name CD is a showcase for the selection chosen. Enjoy a wide diversity of styles and talent in one rich collection!
The CD has received substantial positive coverage from the press, including a feature on BBC Radio, amongst others.

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