Not In Our Name CD

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Annie Skates (singer)
Julie Hesmondhalgh (actor)
Cary Elwes (actor)
Michael Smiley (actor)
Maxine Peake (actor)
Mandy Bell (singer)
Mary Carewe (singer)
David Erdos (actor)
Alisha Sufit (singer song writer)
Earl Okin (singer song writer)
Craig Brierley
Stephanie De-Sykes ( (actor song writer)
Tim Hain (singer song writer)
Debi Doss (singer)
Tormey Woods (singer)



Stephanie De-Sykes
Caroline Kennedy
Earl Okin
Tim Hain
Heathcote Williams
Tom Laimer-Read
Ray Souter
Alisha Sufit
Craig Brierley
Janis Hetherington
John William Brown


1. Bomb Babies
2. Blair’s Jerusalem
3. Bombs Over Basra
4. Bomb Babies Reprise
5. The Great John Chilcot
6. We Three Things
8. Bomb Babies Reprise
9. The Right Thing To Do
10. Silent Night Reprise
11. Tony Blair
12. Ode To Dick Cheney
13. Mr Blair
14. Silent Night Reprise
15. Blair of Wars and Glory
16. The Mock Inquisitor
17. If I Ever Get Home
18. Eulogy to My Brother
19. Who Did This To Me
20. Somewhere In Baghdad
21. Dying Child
22. Silent Night Reprise


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